Membership of NZOA

Applications for membership should be made by the end of July each year for formal ratification at the Annual General Meeting in October.
Full, Associate and Corresponding Membership Application form
Senior and Emeritus Membership Application form 

Membership of the Association shall comprise the following:

Fellows: These shall be Orthopaedic Surgeons who –  

  • Hold an acceptable higher qualification.
  • Have completed training in orthopaedic surgery acceptable to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.
  • Are engaged in the practice of Orthopaedic Surgery. If a Fellow for any reason engages in the practice of any other branches of surgery or medicine he/she shall cease to be a Fellow.

Associate Members: (Associates) are elected from those – 

  • Who are engaged in Orthopaedic Surgery, or
  • Physicians and Surgeons who are interested in Orthopaedic Surgery or allied branches of medicine.
  • Are participants of the Orthopaedic Training Programme.  
Associate members do not vote or hold office. They pay a reduced subscription and shall otherwise have the rights, privileges and obligations of Fellows. 
Senior Fellows: These are Fellows of the Association who have reached the age of 65 and are still in practice.  They pay a reduced a subscription, may vote, cannot hold office but otherwise have the rights, privileges and obligations of Fellows. 
Corresponding Fellows:  These shall be those of high academic and professional standing who are resident outside New Zealand. They do not vote, hold office or pay dues.
Honorary Fellows: These shall be distinguished surgeons, physicians or laymen, who have contributed to the progress of Orthopaedic Surgery. They do not vote, hold office, or pay dues.
Emeritus Fellows:  These are fellows of the Association who have retired from active practice and wish to retain membership.  They do not vote, hold office or pay dues, but shall otherwise have the rights, privileges and obligations of Fellows.
Please email the NZOA Office for further details.