Fellowship Opportunities

There are a number of regular Fellowships available throughout New Zealand.

Occasionally there may be additional Fellowship posts on offer and these will be listed on this page whilst applications are open. If you are applying from within New Zealand, you apply as for any job with the relevant District Health Board. If you are applying from outside New Zealand, please contact the appropriate person for any Fellowship from the attached list that interests you. NZOA is unable to do this on your behalf as Fellowships are offered through the employer – the individual District Health Boards (DHBs), not through NZOA itself. Some of the DHBs will facilitate the application process for you and advise as to the best pathway to take to secure medical registration and a visa. The pathway followed for both registration and visa applications will depend on the origin of your medical degree, your postgraduate experience and which country you are applying from.

Waikato Upper Limb Fellowship
The upper limb fellow will be working with three surgeons (Carl Jones, Chris O’Meeghan, Thin Hong) with upper limb interest, on call 1 in 8 at senior registrar capacity.  The fellowship can be 6 or 12 months (preferably 12 months).  It will cover a broad spectrum of upper limb surgeries including arthroscopy, trauma, soft tissue surgeries and arthroplasty although the fellowship gravitates more towards shoulder/elbow than wrist/hand.  Interested parties should send their CV and contact Mr Carl Jones or Mr Thin Hong.

Sports Orthopaedic Fellowship
This is a general Sports Fellowship for six months duration under the guidance of Mr Stewart Walsh at Unisports Sports Medicine with exposure to all areas of the body.  Preference will be given to New Zealand graduates.  Interested applicants can contact Stewart via email or phone 09 521 9857. 

A funded Fellowship has been established in Hand, Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder surgery for six months duration and is available starting 2019 onwards, under the guidance of Mr Michael Boland and Mr Adam Durrant. The fellowship will cover all Upper Limb Disorders and the fellow will get excellent experience in the Arthroscopic Management of the Wrist, DRUJ, Elbow and Shoulder. Of particular interest is Ulna Wrist pain and how Forearm Biomechanics affects the Distal Radioulnar Joint.  Particularly suited to a New Zealander who can work with us for at least six months each year and an overseas visitor to work for the other six months. The stipend is $50,000 for six months ($100,000/annum).

Over the last five years we have had six fellows funded through various means so the fellowship is established in terms of content. Funding on an ongoing basis has now been secured. Any interested trainees can contact me by email, michael@handsurgeon.co.nz or phone 021 871 641.

Winnipeg Spine Program Fellowship
Combined Neurosurgical & Orthopedic Complex Spine Fellowship.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Awaiting Fellowship
Fixed Term Position - If you are an Orthopaedic Surgeon who is awaiting fellowship and who is seeking a role that will broaden your clinical exposure, this may be just the role for you, in that case read further into what the South Canterbury area and District Health Board can offer you!!

Applying from outside New Zealand
Once you have secured a Fellowship (the interview process is via telephone), you will need to secure medical registration and a work visa.

You will need to obtain Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) registration through the appropriate pathway:-

General Special Purpose – post graduate training and/or experience: NB this is the usual pathway for most fellowships
General Special Purpose - Locum Tenens General Scope – for Australian trained doctors
General Special Purpose - Undertake post-graduate training and/or experience

You must: be registered in your own country, to which you will return on completion of the training be enrolled in a formal training programme in your own country; or have a formal post-graduate qualification which shows competence in the branch of medicine in which you will practise while in New Zealand; or have worked for at least 12 months in an institution with which a New Zealand hospital or medical school has an exchange programme, and have guaranteed continuing employment and training in that institution on completion of your training.

General Special Purpose - locum tenens - You must: have an approved postgraduate qualification in the branch of medicine in which you want to work have been in active clinical practice (30 hours per week) relevant to the branch of medicine in which you are applying, for at least 24 of the past 36 months work in a specialist post for a maximum period of twelve months

General Scope - This only applies for Australian (and New Zealand trained surgeons).

Processing time: assuming you provide all the required documentation at time of application, and that you meet all the requirements, MCNZ will grant registration within 20 working days.

For more information please check the Medical Council of New Zealand website

Within 2 days of arriving in New Zealand, Medical Council New Zealand staff will meet you face-to-face to validate your documentation and confirm your registration. Visa application: once you have a firm offer of a Fellowship position, you can usually apply for a work visa. However, in some instances you will need to be granted “Registration in Principle” by MCNZ before this can occur. The speed with which this is granted depends on which NZ Immigration office you apply to, for example London takes about 20 days.

For more information please check the Immigration New Zealand website

Guide for trainees on how to apply for Fellowships in the USA by Matthew Boyle click here page 34.

If you have any general enquiries regarding Fellowships in New Zealand, please contact Prue Elwood, Education & Training Manager NZOA