Wishbone Club

The Wishbone Club is an initiative of the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research Foundation of New Zealand formed to maintain communication with people who have had orthopaedic surgery.  Membership is free and is open to all people who have had the benefit of orthopaedic surgery.  Originally the club focused on those that just had joint replacement but is now open to all those who have in one way or another, been involved with orthopaedic surgery or have an interest in orthopaedics.

Members receive regular electronic newsletters giving updates on joint replacement research and other topics of interest.  A major focus of the Wishbone Club is the “Walk for Wishbone” fun walks.  This is a nationwide event in which people walk to raise funds for the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research Foundation of New Zealand, a charitable trust supporting orthopaedic research in New Zealand.

If you are not already a member of the Wishbone Club and would like to join, please complete your details below and return this to the consultant / receptionist at your doctor or a member of the ward staff if you are currently in hospital, or with your Assessment Form if you have received this a part of your joint register follow up.  Please note that these details are confidential to the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research Foundation of New Zealand and will be used only for the Wishbone Club’s purposes.    

2019 Wishbone Club Membership Form_0.pdf