How we work

The Wishbone Orthopaedic Research Foundation of New Zealand is a registered charitable trust (CC21316), established in 2008 under the name Wishbone Trust.

The Foundation's main purpose is to help promote and improve orthopaedic services available to the people of New Zealand.  It is governed by a board of trustees, with administrative support from the New Zealand Orthopaedic Association (NZOA).

The Foundation is also responsible for overseeing the Orthopaedic Research Committee, and making final research grant funding decisions based on recommendations from the Committee.

Funding to support the Foundation's charitable activities comes from many sources including individual donations, fundraising events, business contributions, investments and bequests.  You can support the Foundation and help improve the lives of New Zealanders, young and old, by contacting us at or +64-4-913 9891.

Wishbone Foundation Board of Trustees

Sir Bryan Williams - Foundation Ambassador
Richard Keddell - Foundation Chair
Haemish Crawford
Helen Tobin
Angus Wickham - Treasurer / NZOA Treasurer
Andrew Graydon - Secretary / NZOA Secretary

Our history
The former New Zealand Wishbone Trust was set up in 1993 and run by a board which met annually.  It merged with the NZOA Research Foundation in August 2018 to form the Wishbone Orthopaedic Research Foundation of New Zealand.