2020 successful grant recipients

Congratulations to the Wishbone Foundation 2020 orthopaedic research grant recipients

Project leader - Keith Lee
Driving in a Below Elbow Cast Study: Is It Safe?

Project leader - Matt D'Arcy
Management of the Absolutely Ligamentous Lisfranc injury – Early fusion versus fixation Treatment

Project leader - Michael van Niekerk
Mechanical alignment versus kinematic alignment using a medial pivot prosthesis - KAvsaMA_RCT

Project leader - Michael Wyatt
Assessing the non-inferiority of prosthesis constructs in (i) primary total hip replacement and (ii) primary total knee replacement surgery using data from the New Zealand Joint Registry: a benchmarking study

Project leader - Nigel Willis
Lateral Ankle Ligament Augmentation Trial (LALA)

Project leader - Paul Monk
Smart Feeler Gauge for Uni-compartment Knee Arthroplasty