2018 successful grant recipients

Congratulations to the Wishbone Foundation 2018 orthopaedic research grant recipients

Project leader - Mr Joe Baker, Waikato Hospital / University of Auckland
Pelvic Incidence – Contributions from a Pelvic Osseous Architecture

Project leader – Mr David Bartle, Tauranga Hospital
Developing a Haptic Simulator for Education in Orthopaedic Surgery

Project leader - Dr Matt Bowman, Tauranga Hospital
Septic arthritis of the native knee - Arthroscopy versus Arthrotomy

Project leaders – Emeritus Professor Neil Broom, University of Auckland and Dr Peter Robertson, Auckland City Hospital
How traumatic loading influences intervertebral disc disruption and herniation

Project leader - Mr Haemish Crawford, Starship Children's Hospital
Long-term follow up of children with osteomyelitis and overwhelming sepsis

Project leader - Dr Ryan Gao, Middlemore Hospital
A prospective randomised trial comparing oral versus intravenous tranexamic acid in shoulder arthroplasty

Project leader - Dr Chuan Kong Koh, Southland Hospital
A Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing Infection Rate Between Buried and Proud K-wires in Paediatric Distal Humerus Fractures

Project leader - Associate Professor Paul Monk, Auckland District Health Board / University of Auckland
Developing Arthroplasty Skills Using a Training Model for acetabular Cup Placement

Project leader - Dr Stephanie Nunes Da Paz, Middlemore Hospital
Microbiological contamination of lead gowns in orthopaedic theatres – longitudinal sampling throughout the cleaning cycle to monitor the bacterial growth

Project leader – Mr Rowan Schouten, Christchurch Hospital
Can MRI screening for BMO identify New Zealand adult professional cricket bowlers at risk of developing lumbar stress fractures?

Project leader - Dr Neal Singleton, Tauranga Hospital
Volar plate fixation versus non-operative management of distal radius fractures in elderly